Becoming Rebekah – Rebekah A’s take

To me, the story of Rebekah is the ultimate story of showing God’s love.  Abraham’s servant Eleazar had to travel 500 miles to get to where Rebekah was – across the desert, with camels as traveling companions.  When he finally arrived, he was dirty, disheveled, tired….and as soon as he saw Rebekah, he went running up to her to ask for water.  Consider that from her point of view: a dirty old man runs up to you while you’re bent over drawing water from a well.  But instead of being repulsed or afraid, she saw the situation with God’s heart.  She saw a man in need, and not only did she meet the need by giving him water, but she went above and beyond that by offering to water his camels.  This was no easy feat – there were 10 camels, each of whom would drink at least 20 gallons of water.  She probably spent a few hours helping a complete stranger.  Why? Because he needed help.  Because God loves all of us, and desires to provide for us.  She saw a need in a fellow man, and went the extra mile to help meet it, regardless of the extra effort it required or how long it took.

The other thing about Rebekah is that she was a doer.  She spent hours helping a stranger water his camels.  She then moved 500 miles away from her family and everything she knew, to marry a man she’d never met, because she felt like it was God’s will.  She heard God’s voice loud and clear, and acted accordingly without hesitation.  I, on the other hand, am prone to not act on anything. I hear God’s call, and sometimes I answer.  But usually I just talk about it.  I didn’t always hear God’s voice, and so I have a tendency to doubt what I hear now.  Lately I have felt God telling me that He has honed my spiritual hearing enough, and it is time to move.  It is time to walk in Him, walk in the world with His heart for others…and to the best of my ability, it’s time to meet the needs that God places in my path.  It is time to be Rebekah.

~Rebekah A

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