Focus on Your Daily Tasks but be Willing to Embrace the Unexpected

After meeting Eleazar while going about her daily tasks, without a second thought, Rebekah up and left with him to meet her new husband after her family’s blessing. She embraced the unexpected with enthusiasm and faith. 

One thing about me, I’m an incredibly task oriented person who needs to know what she’s doing and when.  Although I love jumping in once I know what God wants me to do, I tend to freak out when I have unanswered questions hanging in the air. This fear of the unexpected tends to stop me from moving forward in the things I know I should do even if what I don’t know is something else entirely. Slowly, I have been learning to let Him take my concerns for my future and try to focus on the tasks He’s already revealed to me. Lately this has been:

– practicing piano- specifically to learn how to play and sing songs of praise and worship

– praying at least three times a day- as Daniel did

– working out (20-30 mins/day)-  being a good steward of this body He gave me

– doing my best at work- as unto Him

In being faithful in my daily tasks God has worked the unexpected in: 

-As I was practicing piano today, someone heard me and invited me to start playing for residents at a nursing home soon… even though I only know how to play worship music! It amazes me that God would open the door for me to minister through song to residents of a nursing home.  Lord, as David soothed Saul’s soul with his harp, may I sooth their souls with my worship.

-God’s been morphing my concept of prayer- He wants me to have my early morning prayers as just fellowship with Him. No petitions for myself or others, just worship and dedication of my day to Him (submitting even the color of clothing I wear to Him for I never know who might be asking God for a message through someone wearing a specific color/type of clothing). Lord, help me to daily submit ALL of me and my day to You so that You are free to use me whenever and however You want. 

– with work, I never thought that this early in my training I would be asked to do many of the tasks that I have been, but God has been helping me to embrace this.  My boss has been complimenting me on the good job I’m doing given my amount of training I have and I know that it is all Him and not myself. Lord, help me not loose sight of where my favor comes from and help me to have excellence in the work I do. 

Thank You Jesus for helping me to embrace the unexpected.  Thank You that although my natural tendencies are to either jump in full force (so long as I don’t have any looming questions about my future) or stand still in doubt, You are helping me to move forward in the tasks You’ve given me for today despite my current unanswered questions. Thank You for Your mercy and grace to forgive me when I fear and doubt. Thank You for the strength, wisdom, and knowledge that hold me up when I jump forward in what You’ve told me to do.  Thank You that Your wonders never cease.  

I invite you dear readers to join me in embracing the unexpected as you continue in faithfulness to your daily tasks.  God WILL move in your life and open doors you never thought would open! Revelations 3:8 says: 

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

He’s not asking for you to be the strongest or best, just that you keep His word and don’t deny His name. Any door He opens for you will never shut.  Taste and see that the Lord is good and when you set His kingdom first, you need not worry for tomorrow 🙂

~Rebekah M 

Sidenote: I believe that if we just ask, He’ll answer! 🙂  My prayer partner and I have been on a “praying in faith and not doubt” kick. It has morphed from saying things in just worship (“Lord we know that before we ask You already are moving in xyz situation and we thank You.”) to asking once and then moving to thanking Him as we continue to pray about it.  I think it’s amazing that even if we don’t always fully know how to go about asking, God still answers if we come in sincerity and faith.

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