Becoming Rebekah – Rebekah L’s Take

To me, being a Rebekah is about trusting God completely. It’s about being willing to go the extra mile because all we do should be done as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23). When Rebekah and her family heard the testimony of Abraham’s servant they immediately recognized that it was of God (Genesis 24:50) and Rebekah agreed to follow him back to be married to Isaac. Firstly, she recognized the voice of the Lord. Secondly, she went beyond mere recognition to action. She was able to abandon everything she knew. She was willing to leave every physical, relational, and emotional connection behind her and travel 500 miles to an unfamiliar land to marry a man she had never met. She trusted the Lord completely. She must have had an attitude of not my will, by thy will be done. In fact, His will became her will. Why was she willing to marry a complete stranger? Because she had recognized the voice of God in Abraham’s servant’s testimony! If God is in it, we don’t need to see it for ourselves. We can just follow where He wants to take us.

God is revealing this truth to me. When I want to see where, when, or why He is taking me, it is a sign that I either do not recognize His voice, or I do not wholly trust in Him. Rebekah did not need to ask these questions. Once she recognized His voice, the questions did not matter, only His Will did.  Complete trust. In my own life, God has told me He has a plan for me. He has even revealed part of this plan through many witnesses. Yet, there is a part of me that has continued to walk in disbelief. I have tried to deny this chorus of voices. Surely, God would not ask me to do this. Surely, God has people better capable for the task. In fact, I can name at least half a dozen people better equipped for it. Why in the world would He ask me? I want the questions answered. I want to see the whole path; He has kept much of it obscured from me. God has told me to stop asking the questions and start the preparation. Despite Rebekah’s family wanting her to stay with them for a few additional days, Rebekah was willing to leave right away. No hesitation. When God tells me it is time to go, will I be like Rebekah, ready to follow immediately, or will I be like her family, requesting a few more days? Lord, help me to become a Rebekah!

~Rebekah L

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