Getting Ready for Rain

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. ~Revelations 3:8

If you haven’t seen Facing the Giants yet, you really should. In a scene near the middle of the film a minister goes to the coach’s office and reads to him that verse.  This made me jump out of my seat because although I had seen the movie before, this time the scripture held SO much more meaning to me personally.  In my emotionally trying time, God woke me up one night and told me to go on facebook. Having felt Him tell me earlier to stay off it, I questioned it, but I felt Him all the more say “Get on facebook.” When I did, I looked around a bit and was about to go on my profile when I saw “1 new post” and clicked on it.  It was a post about the above verse and I felt God telling me that it was for me.  I had such little strength, but because I kept His word and didn’t deny His name, He opened a door for me. He knew my works and opened a door for me to go through.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. ~Psalm 126:5

In the scene following that, the coach goes to the minister and asked for further understanding. The minister says that during  a drought there were two farmers who prayed for rain.  One went out and planted seeds while the other did not. He asked “Now who’s the one who believed in God for the rain?” From that point out the coach went on the theme of preparing for the rain.

Recently, I’ve felt the call for me to prepare for rain in my life. I felt like all the tears I sowed before will have a harvest to reap. All the pain from the last few months has been used by God to fertilize my future.  I feel like I know where God wants to take me, but in order for it to happen I know that something I specifically put on His altar will have to be given back to me.  I don’t know if He’ll do that, but I needed God to know that I wanted Him above the thing I specifically put on His altar- for that’s been a dream that I’ve had all my life.  I needed God to know that there is NOTHING in this world that I want more than Him. This being said, I still go about my daily tasks for some of them I know are part of the foundations of skills and attributes I’ll need should He really call me to what I think He is.  I’m preparing for my rain. I’m preparing for the harvest that I believe He wants me to help reap in.

Dear Reader, 

If you feel God calling you to something today- start sowing the seeds necessary for that task! If God is calling you to work with youth- start getting involved with the youth ministry staff. If He’s calling you to be a prayer warrior- find time to pray EVERY day, I’ve found setting aside 3 times a day for prayer has been integral to my exponential growth in God.  When you invest time in Him and make Him a priority, He invests things back into you.  If you feel Him leading you to an action- act! I recently felt God tell me to do something for my pastor and his wife. To the point where I had left my house already and had to turn around and drive back to get it.  That night and the next day, I received messages from them both saying just how timely it was and thanking me for listening to God.  If He calls- FOLLOW! For you never know how it might bless others and how God might use it to eventually bless you 🙂  

~Rebekah M. 

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