Ask For The Small Things

Today, I have a story for you all. My roommate uses a wheelchair, and to get around the city we depend on a paratransit service called Access-a-ride. It costs the same as bus fare, but is a wheelchair van instead of trying to get in and out of narrow buses and subways. Convenient, right? Wrong. Access-a-ride serves all 5 boroughs of NYC, and there’s no guarantee that you’re going straight to your destination. Or straight home. You may pick up 2 or three other people along the way, and have several hours tacked on to your ride time. We’ve even spent so long getting to a destination that we were late for the return trip home!

This week, however, we arrived at our destination (a nursing home we visit every week) in record time. What sometimes takes 2, 2.5 hours only took 33 minutes!!!! We left home at 12:30 and arrived by 1:03!! We were talking about what a fluke this was, and how it was wishful thinking to hope that we’d have as quick of a ride home – we get picked up at 6:30, and rarely get home before 8. So on a whim, in the middle of the nursing home library, I half-seriously said “Dear Jesus, please let today’s ride home be quick, early, and straight. Let us be home by 7:30….and if you could actually have us home by 7:03 that’d be great. Thanks.”

Sure enough, our ride home was 15 minutes early, instead of a typical 40 minutes late. There were no other pickups or drop-offs, and we got to go straight home. And what time did we get there? That’s right – 7:03 exactly.

It was such an insignificant part of our day, and inconvenience we’ve become accustomed to. I knew God could take care of it, but I never thought it was a big enough deal to actually pray for it. I was half kidding when I did pray for it! But God blessed us anyway – there is no way that Access-a-ride would have had us home that quickly without God’s influence. It hasn’t happened ever before.

So it just goes to show us that when we ask God to handle those insignificant parts of our day, the minutiae of our lives, He can use them to bless us in a big way. So start asking, and see how He answers!

~Rebekah A

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