Sharp Friendship

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. ~Proverbs 27:17 

Today I was invited over by one of the families at church for lunch and fellowship between services.  It is amazing to me how God will bring people into your life to encourage you right when you need it.  Although I’ve been feeling like I’m walking in Him, it was so nice to just chat and feel God in the midst of us 🙂  We talked about things we believed and cared about in church and it floors me that people with such different backgrounds (VERY different states, I grew up in church while the wife joined in her mid-teens) can feel such a kindred spirit.

I truly love that in this family of God, we truly are family! My belief that God’s called me to a personal standard of not kissing before the wedding day in my dating life was encouraged today.  When my ex and I were dating so many people were like “you’re crazy, it’s not necessary, look these other people did it and they are fine.”  But God really dealt with me in showing me that if we date like the world, we’re going to get the same results as the world- a divorce rate of over 50%.  I want a man who’s going to love me so much that he’s excited to be only the second man in my life to ever have the privilege to kiss me.  If a guy feels like it’s not worth it to date me if he can’t kiss me, then I have to realize that he’s not worth my time for if he’s the one then eventually he will, and if he’s not then we won’t have anything to regret when we break up.

Dear Reader, 

I pray that God sends you people into your life that sharpen your walk in Him, not draw you away from the road that He’s leading you to walk.  May you have the discernment in who is good for your life and who are people that you might need to shed for Him.  Always remember that there should be NOTHING in this world more important to you than Him and His way.  Walk unashamedly and without remorse for Him. 

Rebekah M. 

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