Prayer Monday: All In His Hands


I thank You that You have everything in Your hands.  My life is Yours completely. I thank You that You showed me again today that You have it all under control when the hospital told me I wasn’t registered for housing but luckily they had a free spot so that I didn’t have to be homeless for the month.  I thank You that You love me so much that I know beyond a doubt that You will help me figure out which guy I’m supposed to date next.  You know who is best for me.  You know who will help inspire me to seek You more.  You know who will help me grow in You and keep You first.  You know who will keep my heart safe.  I thank You that there is nothing in this world that will ever take You by surprise and I thank You that You will always provide for me when I seek You and submit it all to You.

I thank You, Lord.

I love You, Lord. 

I adore You Jesus with all that I have. 

I love You Jesus with all my heart.

Rebekah M.

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