Back To School

The other day I was going through my evening, praying silently as I went through my routine. In between praying, I was sort of letting my mind wander and contemplating different areas of my life. And somewhere in there I thought of my education. I have one, but not enough of one to really launch a career from it. I would need a master’s degree for that, and I never went to grad school. At the time, I got waitlisted, but nothing opened up, so I focused on the job I had at the time, and then I moved to New York, and so it went.

But while contemplating all of this, it crossed my mind for just a fleeting second to try to go back to school and see about the possibility of further my education. The second that it crossed my mind, I felt Jesus’ presence right next to me, and in me. Like a tingly, tangible presence. And in that moment, I knew beyond doubt that this idea came from God. It sounds nice – finishing school and finally having a career (and a corresponding salary!). Apparently Jesus agrees!

It was just cool to me, that we serve such an awesome God that He takes interest in these details of our lives. He directs me to a path that coincides with a dream of mine, and He is loving enough to use me in that. True, I haven’t gotten in yet. And true, I don’t know what God’s path for me will entail if I do get in. But I know that God is behind me 100% in re-applying and finishing my education, and that’s enough for me! Next step is to make it happen. So stay tuned; I’m sure you’ll hear all about it!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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