Book Review: He Came to Set the Captives Free

Full-blown spiritual warfare is something not often freely discussed in general Christianity. Sure, we’re quick to blame Satan when we sin or when things don’t go our way, but to take up the word of God as our double-edged sword, to put on His full armor, and battle in His name sounds a little bit more farfetched somehow.

Yet, in some fashion or another, we all need to. Think of those times we blame sneaky Satan for convincing us to do things we don’t want to do, or blame the enemy for doing such-and-such in our lives; no matter how minor, those are attacks. God has an enemy here on earth, and His enemy is Satan. When we side with God, like it or not, we make an enemy too. It’s why Jesus’ message and the world’s so-called common sense contradict each other so often. The world, technically, belongs to Satan. Jesus is a king, but this is not His kingdom. So when we move and act as citizens of Heaven, it stands to reason that Satan is not happy about it. So, he does what he can to cause all the trouble he can, and it’s only when we stand on the power and authority of Jesus Christ that we can combat it.

He Came to Set the Captives Free, by Rebecca Brown, MD, is a book that touches upon how to do exactly that. It is written by a Christian doctor, with co-narration from a former Bride of Satan named Elaine. The two actually battled each other for awhile before ultimately Elaine converted and gave her life to Christ. Together, they go in-depth into ways Satan and his demons work, and into the ways we inadvertently open doorways for him to attack. Not every doorway is automatic for every person, but it is definitely food for thought on how sneaky the enemy can be. It made me look back through my life and my past and officially close some of those potential doors in prayer.

Regardless of whether you feel called to the battlefield as part of your Christian walk, it is an interesting read, if intense at times, that will get you thinking about where the enemy is in relation to your life and the lives of those around you. So I say check it out.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

12 thoughts on “Book Review: He Came to Set the Captives Free

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  2. How can i get the right website, where the book, titled, he came to set the captive free, is. My heart desire is to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and also to run the race like apostle Paul and make heaven, because this world is not my home.

  3. I like your thinking! 🙂 We are not meant to be citizens of the world, but of our true home heaven. That’s where our treasure is and where our hearts truly lie.

    That said, the book can be found at, in both paperback (which is what I have) and for the Kindle. You can find it here:

    You can also download it to read online, at two places:

    Some of what she writes is controversial. She writes about Satanic and demonic doorways, areas where we unknowingly let the enemy work. Not every ‘doorway’ is definitely a doorway in every person. So, I recommend reading it, and bringing it back to God as you go through to see what He says and how He guides you. There were areas where I really felt God in it for me, and others where I felt like it may pertain to others (I could even think of people I knew) but not to me. So let God give you discernment on it as you read. It IS thought-provoking and eye-opening to see how sneaky the enemy can be, and also helps you take a hard look at your own life and your own walk to see if there are any residual areas you need God to work in and seal for you.

    Good luck and God bless!!!

    Rebekah A

    • I read He came to set the captives free some 20 odd years ago and would definitely NOT recommend it to any one. My reason for this is simple: it glorifies the devils’ work in this world and fails dismally to build up one’s faith.

      • Bill, thanks for your comment. From the sense I got when I read it, I don’t think it glorifies the devil’s work so much as makes people aware of the ways we sometimes make it easier for the devil to work and allow him in over God. Granted, not every example they give is relevant to every person. For instance, the book says rock music lets the devil in. I don’t think it’s quite as cut-and-dry as that. It depends on us and whether we’re standing on God’s authority or not. Satan, being a fallen angel, is stronger than a person, but not strong at all compared to God. So when we’re standing alone, Satan can move in all these different ways. Standing on God, Satan can’t touch us beyond what we can handle. So as I see it, the book outlines ways that Satan CAN move, if given the opportunity. Worth reading, at any rate.

      • Hi Bill. Sorry you feel that way about that book. I have read it as well. Unfortunately that book does not glorify the devil. I think its an eye opener for people to stop, look and listen to the world around them. And the great deception of satan. Its a red light for people in the occult to turn to Jesus before its too late. Having played on the devils side for too long i am quite aware of his devices. The church wants none of the truth of whats really happening and rather be in glory land. Alas, too many people are going to hell because the warning signs are being ignored. Bless you

  4. rebecca i really admire the work of yours and really its well to knw about you . rebecca ll u please do a favour to me. i want all your books . so plz make do available it to me.. plzz
    God bless u.

    • Thanks for writing. I only reviewed the one book of Rebecca Brown’s, and I posted a couple links in a previous comment if you want to buy or download it. Good luck finding it!

      • Beware brethren ! This world would never agree with th true in Bible i read th first and second books of Rebecca , it does help to loose myself from many bondage it is written in th Bible thatin those days , th angels married th daughters ………….. So it possible that Satan / Devil get married with human being as Elaine said shalom from Africa

  5. Thanks for the post. It strikes me as kind of funny that the author of this book is Rebecca. Different spelling, but still… 🙂

    I also read this book many moons ago. Although I don’t remember much about it, I do remember that it jolted me in some ways, spiritually speaking. It came at a time when I was starting to head down a wrong path. Sure, perhaps there can be an overemphasis on certain things in the book, but sometimes, for a wandering teenager like me, those kind of things can grab our attention and be used by the Lord to bend us in the way that He knows is best.

    Thanks for your review, and your encouraging posts.

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