At the Alter (Unsure Territory part 2)

And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. ~Genesis 22:2

The past week I’ve actually not been sure if I’d have a place to live during the weekend because the place was telling  me they wanted me to move out Friday.  I submitted it to God asking Him to make it clear where I should be because I had people to stay with in three different states.  I asked God “which church has the message I need to hear on Sunday? Make it clear to me Lord by working out my housing” and He did! They bent the rules just to let me stay there for two more days and so I was floored yesterday when at church the preacher spoke on the topic about leaving it all on the alter. It fell so perfectly in line with my feeling like God wanted me to just abandon worry and care behind me and just live for Him with everything that I have.  After service I called up Rebekah A and asked if I could switch days since it just felt too perfect not to blog about.

Jesus wants us to lay it all on His alter and to be honest, I truly feel like I have on my deepest dreams and desires. It feels like all my life I’ve wanted to get married and have kids who will love God with all their heart- even at a young age. For a whole week (if not longer), every day I told God:

I need You to know Lord, that I want You more than anything so I submit even my dreams of getting married and having kids to You and of being a doctor to You. Where ever You want me and doing whatever You want, Lord.  I need You to know though, God, that I want You more than anything and everything in this world.  

I alluded to this time of submission in the post Getting Ready for Rain, and I still remember His reply so clearly: one day as I walked to work I felt God tell me that He was pleased that I had laid even my deepest desires at His alter and not only was He pleased, He was going to bring a man into my life that we could serve side-by-side in His kingdom.  Now I’m not saying this has to mean that we’ll be a pastor/pastor’s wife team, missionaries, or anything in the forefront of a church, but I do believe it means that we will not sit idly by as people live lives absent of Christ’s light showing them the way.

Regardless of it all, at service I once again laid it all on His alter and yet it felt like a confirmation. Almost all week now I’ve felt like God was saying “it’s coming child, it’s coming, My promises will soon start to be fulfilled in Your life.”  Scripture after scripture just appeared when I opened my bible as I asked God to speak to me through His Word.  Jesus knows that it’s all His- I’ve been learning more and more to just lay it all in His hands and just as He worked out my housing this past weekend, I know He’ll continue to provide my every need.


I continue to lay everything at You alter.  Give me YOUR desires for my heart (Ps 37:4). Help me to just keep everything shed off of me, laid at Your alter, and live for You with abandon.  Lord, I know that You have all things in Your amazing hands and thank You that it is safe there.  I love You Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Rebekah M. 

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