My Thoughts, Submitted

Two days ago, I was talking to a friend. We’d been out of touch for a few months, just because we were busy, but have always been close regardless of our schedule. Her roommate is graduating, and I said congratulations and made some joke about throwing a party (they live halfway across the country). She said not to bother visiting, that there were enough mean-spirited and vain people in the world, and that I was a ‘player’ whose game was sad and cruel. She continued with some other nasty things. Well. Tell me how you REALLY feel, why don’t you!?

Where did this come from? I don’t know. We never had a falling out. We never had a fight. We never had any discussion about my life recently at all, especially not about anything that would have changed her opinion of me, and when we left off we were close friends. So what gives? I have no idea. I know we have a mutual friend who is dating a very insecure girl, and she starts rumors about other females a lot. Is she the culprit? Again, I have no idea. But regardless of who is talking about me behind my back, apparently the facebook gossip train can be vicious!

What I DO know is, it’s no coincidence that God chose last week to reiterate the importance of submitting my thoughts and reactions. I believe it was in preparation for this. It just confirms that to engage in the drama is feeding into what the enemy wants me to do. He wants me distracted and depressed, and he wants me embracing a worldly reaction to problems. He doesn’t want this in God’s hands. Dear Satan: not this time.

With the confirmation from God firmly in my head to capture ALL thoughts and submit them to Jesus and bring the thoughts in my head into obedience, I spent a lot of time in prayer that night and the next day. I prayed for extra focus and tried to catch errant thoughts immediately. And you know what? It worked. God took this little rough patch of mine and gave me a revelation from it: my being publicly villified is a good thing. Yes, a good thing. Why? Because God uses ALL things for the good of His children. And for those who don’t know Him as Father…well, they’re on Facebook too, aren’t they? In fact I’m friends with a good amount of atheists and agnostics. And being insulted publicly gives the public, for better or worse, to see my reaction. So, they can either see me engaging in the fight and becoming yet another Facebook drama story, OR they can see me standing on the fact that I don’t have to. I don’t have to bother with it because I have an inherent, priceless value, and it comes from a higher source than any friend or frenemy I may find on this earth. It is untouchable by the gossip train. So no, I don’t have to fight back. What do insults do anyway except hurt my pride? I’m not even supposed to have any of that in the first place!

Not only do I not need to fight back, I’m specifically told not to. My ‘enemies’ are not people or specific petty slights. Just as my value is not given to me from this world, my fight is not in this world either. No Christian’s is. Our fight is with Satan and his principalities and mindsets. Not with the people who he either uses as pawns, or who simply don’t know what the Christian mindset is.

There’s a lot of peace in this revelation. There’s peace in the fact that God and God alone can set my worth. And if my worth is being questioned publicly, my sense of peace in the face of the fight is visible. I don’t mind taking a hit at ALL if it means being a light to someone else. I can only pray that God shows it to any and all friends who may need to see it!

Meanwhile, I just think it’s awesome that God can take something so small and petty, and use it for the good of both me and anyone who happens upon my path (or the paths of my accusers). And all I have to do is let Him direct both my thoughts and actions. What a powerful and loving and attentive God we serve!!!!!!!!!

And as always, I want to hear what God’s doing in your life, and what He’s showing you. Anyone else having a test of a recent revelation? Write me at, with stories or prayer requests!! God bless!!

~Rebekah A

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