Prayer Monday/Song of the Day: From the Inside Out


the cry of my heart today has been for You to consume me from the inside out.  I want You to overflow in my life. I want to be Your light in this dark world.  I want to serve You faithfully in my day as Rebekah did for her father. As the distractions of this world flood into my life and as the cares of my day try to over take me, help me keep my eyes on You.  Oh how I love to wake up reading Your Word! How much I adore You my Jesus! Live in my heart all my days.  May I embrace Your Word, the things You try to teach me in it, and Your ways.  I seek to have You consume all of me so that You can shine through me and my life.  God, I look to be Yours completely.  Take control Lord.  Lead me and guide me on this narrow, crooked path in life.  This way isn’t easy but anything that is worth it never is.  

Let every beat of my heart beat for You Jesus.  

I adore You Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. 

Rebekah M. 


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