In His Hands: Unexpected Gifts

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ~James 4:7

Although I’ve been trying to fast for a week on and off for a week and a half now, today has been a new level. Since I started coming out of my deep fasting/praying time, I’ve allowed myself to slip away little by little from the habits that helped me reach a new level in Christ.  I haven’t been praying 3 times a day. I haven’t been looking at things that I’m fasting and saying “Jesus, I want You more.”  I am reading my Bible but the steady, daily reading has been more this week than others recently.

I confess all this to set the stage for the two things that I want to say today.

Despite my discipline in Christ slipping away, my adoration for Him has held.  It’s amazing to me that the deep, deep love for Christ that was born through those hours upon hours of prayer and weeks of fasting has remained. Just today on my way to church the sun broke through the clouds and I teared up a little and told Jesus that I adored Him.  Something about the beauty in this world continually reminds me of how wonderful this Jesus of ours is.  I’ll sporadically pray and with all my heart I’ll say “I adore You Jesus” and I KNOW that it’s for real.  What amazing, wonderful grace God has to allow that present to say in my heart.  It truly is awe-striking that He would have done such a deep work in me that I could still adore Him even when I haven’t been spending as much time with Him.  Thank You Jesus.

The other gift Jesus gave me was that this morning I created a prayer closet in the house I’m staying at this month and set aside time in my morning to pray before work.  I submitted my day to Him and during the afternoon, a friend of mine posted that she was now “single” on facebook. I both texted her and posted on her status update and as I was typing something on FB, she texted what God had told her the night before that brought about the change.  It was FLOORING because it was exactly what I was about to post! I told her to go check it out and she was like “girl, that’s confirmation.”  I told Jesus this morning that I wanted to stop wondering about how things would work out with future potential Isaacs and to get back to trying to be like Rebekah- seeking contentment in living my life daily, doing the tasks at hand. Just a few minutes this morning to submit my day and then He uses me to minister to a friend.  WOW (!!!) is all I could say to that.  Amazing, amazing Jesus.

I am in His hands and I’ve submitted my actions into His hands.


I thank You that You’ve given me these unexpected, undeserved gifts.  I thank You that You decided that I could be a vessel to be used by You today to minister to a friend.  I thank You that the adoration I had for You before has continued and even deepened as time as gone on.  There is none like You Jesus. With ALL my heart, I know that I know that I KNOW- I adore You, I love You, with ALL my heart, mind, soul, and strength. 

Rebekah M. 

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