It’s All In The Details

“In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.” ~Ephesians 1:11

I have a cool story to share with you all. I’m currently in Orlando with my roommate. It’s my first time travelling with him, but the trip is an annual one. The week has been packed with a fun mix of touristy things and seeing family and friends. 

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some old family friends of his, a Christian couple who hosts a weekly Bible study in their home (plus the husband is an elder at their church). If you’ve read this blog, you know how much I love a good Jesus chat, so it was amazing to share testimony and stories with them, and actually sparked solid prayer for my roommate and me later on in the evening.

Anyway, when my roommate would see them every year they’d take some time to witness to him and talk a bit about Jesus. They told me that two years ago, during his visit, they’d prayed for a bigger Christian influence to come into his life. Having met me today, they said they considered me the answer to their prayer.

That’s flattering and humbling, but it’s even cooler when you consider the following: Within a few weeks of their praying, my roommate and I first chatted (we first ‘met’ via Facebook, through a mutual friend). Between the time that they would have prayed and we first talked, his name would randomly come up on my newsfeed, and while I didn’t know him I was seeing him everywhere. Also, my walk wasn’t strong at all back then. I was a completely different person and I can’t say we had any chats at all, but the plan was set in motion.

For my part, to move New York was something I prayed extensively over, and God gave me numerous signs He wanted me there. Since moving, my walk has developed like crazy. I used to be a follower when it came to prayer and belief; now I lead it regularly. Old friends have commented on the change in both my spiritual confidence and prayer language. I’m no longer afraid to ‘take the plunge’ and act on something I feel God is saying. I figure that, like most things, the worst that can happen is my pride gets hurt, and I’m not supposed to have that anyway.

So, spiritually, my move to New York has been amazing for me. Not only has it been amazing for me, but it’s been amazing for my  roommate as well. We pray together and talk about Jesus all the time. Not only has it been amazing for us individually, but it was in answer to the prayers spoken by this couple, nearly a year and a half before I ever moved in. Like I said, it’s a cool story.

It never fails to surprise me just how big the ‘big picture’ can be, or what else is in it besides my little tunnel of information. Yet, God ordains every detail more intricately than we could even imagine. So I just wanted to take a second to be truly awed by His ways and how He moves. From His ways, to His timing, to His plan, He is amazing. He ordains our lives down to the tiniest detail, and guides our steps according to His plan; all we have to do is submit ourselves enough to let Him. 

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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