Book Review: God’s Armor Bearer I & II

I’m going to cut right to the chase here: If you’re a Christian, read this book. It focuses on being an armor bearer to your pastor, and running with him to achieve the church’s vision. But really, what it means is to have the heart of a servant. And it applies to all of us, whether we’re a church leader or out ministering to the homeless.

The book acknowledges the spirit of “where should I go with my life?” and “what’s going to help me achieve my dream?” that’s so rampant in the church today. And it cuts through all of that to discuss how you can ‘bloom where you are planted’ – wherever that may be. It discusses how preparation for your calling can come in unexpected ways, and how God plants you and directs your steps for your whole life. He knows where you are right now, and didn’t place you there idly. Even if you feel like you’re in limbo, you’re playing a part in His plan.

It touches on how to hone your gifts to be a productive member of the body. It touches on the balance between submission and leadership. It touches on taking the “me” out of “team”.  It touches on patience and God’s timing. It touches on how to flourish even if you’re in what’s considered a lowly position. It touches on sooo many things that are relevant to Christians and churches today. Most importantly, it does this from an individual standpoint, and also from the viewpoint of getting more involved in your local church.

The bottom line is, if you are Christian and you want to walk strongly as part of the Body of Christ in whatever calling God has for you, read this book.  Yes, you.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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