The Lord Fights Our Battles

So the latest update on my situation with that guy:
I replied by only sending the passage about A Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31) and he replied by saying that was referring to being a wife and not a doctor. My frustration grew and I quickly prayed and gave it to God. As I continued to pray, I felt Him give me the verse “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord.” I told Jesus I would send it when the time was right. By the time I got on facebook again, it was the next day and he had sent another message. He said he realized the biggest problem was that my situation confused him and thus could not be the Will of God because God is not the God of confusion. I responded with only that verse that Jesus gave me during my prayer the night before.

His response was that surely, he wasn’t the only one confused by my situation. I told him he was and that God cares about even our professions because He wants to put us in the perfect place to be the most effect witness that we can be.

He has yet to respond.

Although part of me is relieved that I no longer am dealing with his accusations, part of me hopes that all this will be used by Jesus to show this guy that EVERYTHING can have a purpose when submitted to Jesus. I had said to him that I could be a witness both to those who hear my praises to Jesus for helping me on this hard path as well as to my patients who trust me with their health to point the way to Christ on a level that a stranger on the street could never do. I hope he takes that thought to heart. Jobs don’t have to just be a job- it can be a divine appointment.

Side note: I passed my exams and am now one year closer to completing medical school!! Thank You Jesus!! 🙂

Rebekah M.

7 thoughts on “The Lord Fights Our Battles

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