Your Heart Makes All the Difference

I was wondering today why I still haven’t found a church that feels like ‘mine.’ And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wasn’t helping matters. I mean really, was I waiting for this church to jump up and tap me on the shoulder and say “God told me to tell you, Rebekah A, to come here?”

God basically told me today that it was time for an attitude change. It didn’t feel like ‘mine’ because I was holding back from it. I wasn’t trying to get involved and see where I fit. I was ‘testing’ the church, if that makes any sense, when I should have been experiencing it. God pointed me to this church. I should just trust and throw myself into it. If it’s not the church for me, God will let me know and point me in a different direction when He sees fit. But in the meantime, who am I to question Him?

He confirmed this revelation when I looked at how far the blog has come. We’re nearing our 6-month mark here at Being Rebekah, and we’ve had well over 1,000 views, 20 followers, and been read in over 25 countries! God is using us here. Why? Because we made the commitment to God that we’d show up. He would give us the topics, the words, and the readers. We would show up to be His hands.

My attitude towards my church? Not committed. Like I said, I’ve been ‘testing’ it. God showed me today that my ‘testing the waters’ of this church is really an area of unbelief in me. I need to commit and let God do the rest. Starting tomorrow, when I email the pastor. Meanwhile, thanks Jesus for revealing my heart to me and helping me grow!!

I pray for you all tonight, that if any of you have areas of unbelief that you’re harboring, even without knowing it, that God would reveal them to you in His loving wisdom, and that you could grow even stronger in your walk and be in even deeper submission to our Lord Jesus.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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