Song of the Day: Say It by Britt Nicole

I’ve been finding as part of my transformation, I take in things as I go.  Driving used to be a hassle of just getting to where I need to go but now I look at the beautiful mountains and rivers along the way. Not only does it make the time more enjoyable, but I find myself thanking Jesus for this beautiful world of His. I have tried to worry less and just put it all in His hands and even the other day on the way to the Dr’s office I prayed for all green lights and truly, God got me there just on time. I still struggle with Babylons too, I still fail to reach all my daily goals, but it seems that by releasing everything to God and just trying to keep being His hands, feet, and mouth in this world, His grace has taken me to a place of floating through a charmed life (even if I still have problems,  it doesn’t feel like it as much because I KNOW my Father will take care of it). I freely give Him all the glory for everything that goes right in my life and He in turn freely showers blessings because He knows that I won’t lie and take the credit. I challenge you today to not only take a few minutes to just look around and see God’s beauty in something- flowers, the pretty street you live on if you’re so lucky, an unexpected smile from a stranger- but to also try to find something to praise Him openly for and tell someone. See how it transforms your life.

Thank You Jesus for all that You do for me. My life with its ups and downs feels charmed at times and I love You all the more for that blessing.  I love You Jesus with all my heart. 

~Rebekah M. 

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