Guess What I Found??

Or really, I should say guess who I found, here at a swimsuit competition in Miami beach. I thought that I was on my own as far as Christianity goes. But then I met one of the other photography assistants. We haven’t really talked in-depth about God yet, but it has been so refreshing knowing that  I am not alone here. The timing couldn’t have been any better either. I was just getting to the part of the week where it felt wrong somehow to be such an active participant, and lonely being the only one who felt the way i did. Enter this assistant, and suddenly I have a Jesus buddy!

Jesus, I thank You so much that you know my heart, my desires and my mind. I thank You for blessing me with this, and for sending someone who embodies ‘heart of a servant’ so well. I needed this blessing badly; on principle, I was starting to seriously question my participation in this event. I thank You for Your wisdom and for giving me some solidarity in this fight. Jesus, I love you.

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