So…. much sooner than expected I find myself having a guy to call “my boyfriend” again and it’s surprising me. So far he seems pretty awesome- we fasted together on Wednesday and it was pretty nice to have a guy lead the meal prayer 🙂 I have no clue where this is going to go but I know I need to some how find a way to keep Jesus in the middle without losing sight of Him even while dating a guy who makes it clear he’s pretty crazy about me 🙂

My biggest concern is are we dating the way God wanted? I wanted a guy to be my closest prayer partner before I’d date him and well… we have joined in sharing prayer requests but I know my original thought would be more akin to what my prayer partner and I are like or my parents and I are like when we all pray together… more than just sharing prayer requests- we’d pray TOGETHER.

In all this I just try to say “Jesus, help us find our way as we blindly go about this life. Help us do this with You in the middle. Help us keep You first.”

I’m afraid of failing.

Rebekah M. 

3 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. What I have learned is that when we keep God as the center of our lives, fear will have no place…remember Peter trying to walk on the water?

    • Yes! The Bible says prefect love casteth out fear and Jesus is the definition of love! It’s still hard not to fear at times but that’s the best part of our Jesus, He lets us bring it to Him with no judgement and He’ll take it from us 🙂

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