Today God did a work in me. Last night I had a talk with my boyfriend and I was crying on the phone with him. I’ve been afraid to call him because I didn’t want to intrude on his busy schedule so I would text him but I’m learning he’s  not much of a texter. Also, the most painful thing from my last relationship was when he looked me in the eyes and told me that “last friday on the phone I didn’t even want to talk to you.” So I became more and more insecure the less I heard from him and apparently his doubts about how much I really liked him were growing as well. Finally last night I broke down after not hearing from him all day (despite my texting him a wink face) and texting him saying I really needed him to call me. He did and we ended up discussing communication styles  as well as helping me realize that many of my actions towards him were of fear.

Tonight, I gave my fears to God.

When God steps in (after we allow Him to), fear MUST leave. When God steps in the storm is calmed.  When God steps in we are changed.
I thank You for taking my fears. I thank You that You’ve given me a man who patiently listens to me on the phone with him, even when i’m sobbing, and calmly talks things out without being defensive. I thank You for taking my fears and showing me I have a future and hope. I love You Jesus.
Rebekah M.

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