Counting The Cost

I recently had someone tell they they weren’t sure they could meet up with me because they had been spending a lot of money on gas lately in trips and weren’t sure if they wanted to spend even more to see me.

This makes me think of how good God is. He didn’t count the cost of the cross too great for our salvation. He didn’t think gapping  the cavern between us and Him from sin as too much. He gave everything for us with no expectation of having anything returned.  He gave it freely so that we might freely receive His salvation and grace. What a wonderful, generous, matchless God we serve!!! 🙂

Rebekah M.

Update: at church tonight I felt Jesus call me to redefine my walk with Him (i went to put “re-dedicate” and autocorrect put that instead and I like it!). Once again Lord, become the main and only thing for my life. I love You Jesus.

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