Living Your Calling

My daily Bible reading for today was the beginning of Jonah. As most know, it’s a story of a man that was called to tell a city about to be destroyed because of their sins to turn to God. Instead of going to the city he runs away, ends up in the belly of a whale, repents, and when he was at the place he was called, he got the whole city to turn to God.

I have such a strong belief that God has given us passions in life for a reason. I have wanted to be a family doctor since the 7th grade and God has opened the door for me to get there. In less than year I will graduate from medical school and hopefully I will have a residency spot wherever God wants me to be.  The hesitancy on not having a residency is my own fears of rejection and failure, but I know I just have to keep reminding myself that if God wants me there, He will get me there.

My boyfriend and I just got off the phone and we were talking about our ideal future lives. It seems that although he wouldn’t change the road he has taken, he doesn’t want to live the life he’s living right now in terms of his job.  He ended up saying that in his ideal future life, he’d be doing something outdoors like maybe a guide job in hiking or biking. It makes me wonder if Jesus might want him to one day help people see how there MUST be a God because of the beauty in this world. The Bible says in Psalms 19:1:

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Every time I see a beautiful sunset or landscape I think of that verse and I praise God for His amazing ways. For medical school, I moved to a state that I always thought was a bit lame and in the middle of no where but amazing enough, when my life fell apart and I turned to God more than I ever had before, my attitude changed. I stopped driving to get somewhere else and even on my drive to church, I would look and open my eyes and take in the moment; take in the beauty of the land God was putting me in. I was learning to live in the life God had called me to and worship Him both for what He had created in this world and for the life He was crafting for me.

All this is to say- Go out there, find your passions, and live the life God wants for you!!! What do you love the most? Do you have a passion for technology- then perhaps you should work in IT and as you fix people’s computers, talk to them about Christ. Do you love helping others and science? Perhaps you should be a doctor for pharmacist who points their patients towards the One who can help when modern medicine has failed. Do you have a passion for music? Then perhaps you should start a band that praises God and fills the world around you with worship.  You are created for a reason. You have a purpose in this world. You are the ONLY ONE who can reach those around you in the life God wants for you.  There is a life that God wants you to have where you love to go into work and you can be a light.

Go be a light! 🙂 

Rebekah M. 

2 thoughts on “Living Your Calling

  1. What an encouraging and inspiring post. I pray your boyfriend discovers the unique calling on his life. Nature is a powerful reflection of Him isn’t it?
    As you say, it’s all about using what we’ve been gifted in to bring glory and honour to the One who made us, isn’t it? Keep being a blessing, and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment and prayers! Even if our numbers are growing, reading a response like yours is so encouraging! 🙂 Nature truly is! Between a beautiful landscape and seeing a baby’s first breath, I just don’t understand how people can deny His existence. SO many thing testify that not only is He real, but of who He is- wonderful, amazing, beyond true description, and so much more! God bless!! 🙂

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