Quick Testimony

So, I have been praying, and asking for prayer, for an atheist friend who lives in a hospital with a terminal disease. Every time I have brought up prayer before, he has said “I won’t do something that’s such a waste of my time”. I’ve been feeling a real sense of urgency when it comes to him though, so I’ve been praying for him quite a bit!

Today I told him that I felt led to pray for him.  I said I knew he didn’t believe in it but if he did, what three things would he want prayer for? He said “To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what to believe as far as that goes.” He then named three things: 1) for continued health, 2) to someday move out of the hospital and live independently, and 3) to find someone special to spend his life with.

They are three fairly simple things – we all want health and a spouse, right?

But what is so profound about this is that his heart is softened enough to even venture a request. Softened enough to entertain the idea that prayers might be heard, that there may in fact be a God. That softened heart is the work of the Lord. Jesus is doing something amazing in him, and that response is proof of it.  Tomorrow, I will try to continue the conversation (Lord give me the words to say!). Today I’m rejoicing over it!

I ask for continued prayer. Yes, prayer over these three things that he allowed himself to ask for. But also prayer that God would continue to break the chains of darkness, anger, and depression that bind him, and would continue working in this man’s heart. Prayer that God would protect him from the darkness surrounding him, and show him His true light. Prayer that he would come to know his one true Father and Savior.

Jesus, thank You for Your attention and for Your mercy on us even when we slight You with non-belief. I thank You for all You have done in this man and all You will continue to do, and I ask that You guide my prayers over him and guide my words to him. Lord  I pray for Him to come to know You and the pure love and hope you have for him. I pray that his spirit would turn away from the despondency and despair it finds itself and be set aflame with love and passion for you. I pray that he would find you; that in his darkest thoughts and darkest hours he would find a glimmer of your light – and I pray that he would run to it. Jesus you alone can grant him peace and healing from all past wounds, and I thank You for never giving up on Your children!

Thanks, and God bless!!

~Rebekah A

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