Song of the Day – Glorious

This song has been on my heart today. First of all, I was so excited for my friend Chris to not reject prayer….only to have him trounce it again the next day.  I was so excited that an atheist saw me comment about Christianity on facebook (commenting on a claim that every bible other than the King James Bible was from the devil), and then friended me so that we could talk more about Jesus…..only to have him never write back to me and in fact publicly insult me. So many little miracles happening lately….with so many setbacks. Perhaps I’m reading too much into the miracles? Seeing progress where there isn’t any? Or perhaps there’s a battle of sorts going on for these two men’s souls. Meanwhile, an agnostic friend is taking quite an interest in Christianity – he’s not totalllly ready to accept God’s existence, but we’ve been chatting extensively and he’s been getting a lot of his “If God exists, how come suffering does too?” questions answered. So it’s been good. I understand the process he’s going through – I went through the same thing!

It’s all a bit of a whirlwind.

But this song reminded me: when in doubt, worship. Put yourself at His altar and rejoice there. Because through it all, God is glorious. And He is worthy. And no matter what actions I may see my friends make or what words they may say, my prayers are heard. And at the sound of my praise, the heavens and the earth will move.


God bless!

~Rebekah A


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