God gives me flowers

The day was not going well. It was cold and lonely. I was dragging my feet trying to motivate myself to get some work done. I left my office and walked slowly around the building. As I did so, I saw a large display of flowers. They looked so bright and colorful. I thought about how long it had been since anyone had given me flowers. I thought maybe I should buy them for myself; they would cheer me up. I really wanted those flowers, but I didn’t have money to spend on such temporary things, so I dismissed the thought. I went back to my office and buried myself in a project I was working on. A while later there was a knock on my office door. When I opened the door one of my co-workers was standing there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “Here”, she said. “I just felt like giving these to you.”  As I stared at the colorful array I knew immediately that they were a blessing from God. No one knew I had contemplated buying myself some and yet here they were. That was the first time God gave me flowers, but it certainly wasn’t the last!

One afternoon several months later I was standing in line at a grocery store. There were flowers placed at the end of each register and just as they were designed to do, I once again, had the thought that I might like to buy some. Then I felt it would be silly. No one buys themselves flowers; people buy flowers for others, not for themselves. So I didn’t. The next morning a man I know showed up with flowers as a thank you for helping him with a health insurance issue.

This scenario has now played itself out at least half a dozen times in the last couple of years. In each case I have contemplated buying flowers and within 24 hours someone shows up to give them to me! I know they are from God because I have never told anyone I like flowers or that I wish I could splurge on them, and each time they have come from someone different. The flowers always come when I need a little pick-me-up.  Somehow, they always come as a surprise. When I’m thinking about buying flowers, it never occurs to me that God will supply them, but He always does! God loves to please His children. He knows what we need and what we like! Men often give their sweethearts flowers as a way of showing them that they care, that they are thinking of them. When a girl receives them, she feels cherished. In this way, every few months, God reminds me that I am cherished. For a single girl, it is a sweet blessing.

I got another bouquet today!

~Rebekah L


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