Praise is the Key Pt 2

This is the conclusion of my current testimony which I first posted about in part 1. 
When I took my second set of medical boards, yet another guy had broken up with me just a few days before and this test was even more important. Instead of extra cramming that morning, I danced in my room in worship to Him who would see me through. The most amazing part was not that the questions seemed easier than I had expected, but that every time I thought of that break up, I felt Him right by my side. I felt Him say “Be here, with Me.” Never Have I felt Him so tangibly and during such a crucial moment in my life.
Although I’m still fairly young, I know this, that praise has been the key to God making my life an example of Romans 8:28. All thing have turned out to be for my good. Also, as I have taken to openly praising Him in all situations, blessings have poured in. I tell people that “Jesus gives me a charmed life” and He has! I have been on a helicopter that located a downed pilot who was released from the hospital a few day later, was privileged to help deliver two babies, and every church that I have been to while moving every month for medical school has been exactly what I needed. Although there is more in this journey of life to travel, I know that so long as I keep praising Him through it all, everything will be fine.
Rebekah M. 
Update: As the weeks continued after the break up, I had a hard time getting over my ex.  Even at the end of August he texted me saying he wished we could go mountain biking together again.  As I keep asking God if I should just cut him out of my life, all I hear is “just. wait. Focus on Me and just don’t make a move in regards to guys.”  

So here I am, waiting on Jesus again and trying to seek Him in this swirling life of mine. I know somewhere, somehow He will bring an Isaac into my life, but not today.  Today is where He wants us to live (Matthew 6:34) because tomorrow will take care of itself. Here in these moments is where we can live with Him at our side- guiding our every step.  

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