In Our Hour of Need (aka Tearing Down the High Places)

Who can understand his errors? cleanse thou me from secret faults. ~Psalms 19:12

Given that I had Labor Day off this past Monday, I tried to figure out where God wanted me. Was it to visit friends in NYC, near Harrisburg, or up in Niagara Falls? Also, was it to spend a whole weekend or just one day?  In the end, all things fit best with going to church in the city I am at now and then visiting Niagara to see friends on Labor Day.  Interesting enough, when the day finally came, everyone but two friends could meet, and one of them only for a few hours.  Something said to me that God had more planned for us and that there was something He wanted us to discuss.

After a nice day of shopping and napping we went to get coffee. There and when we drove back, we ended up talking about how she had been praying for God to reveal to her any secret faults she may have had.  Her husband (who was spending the day playing a game with his guy friends that they plan months in advance) had been the answer to that prayer by pointing out something shortly afterwards that she didn’t even realize she did.

This felt SO in line with how God has been working with me lately on my “high places.”  He recently identified to me what one was.  It was the most humbling experience to have something that I never imagined I really struggled with actually hit me in the face and be like… “hello! This is something that gets to you!” We here at BeingRebekah have talked about leaving our Babylons and what I noticed while talking to my friend and later on my prayer partner as I drove back, is that Babylon, high place, and secret faults all boil down to the same thing- something that is not of God within our lives.

As I drove back, I talked and prayed with my prayer partner on the phone.  Through God, we both dug into things from our past that were the foundation for things we struggled with today.  I realized that God wanted me to hang out with that friend specifically so that I would be lead to identify the foundation of one of the high places in my life.  One day I’ll be ready to post about it on the blog, but for today I just wanted to encourage you all to know- God gives us what we need when we need it! For me, it was a friend who would jump start a prayer that I would have later on with my prayer partner where God revealed something formed from an event of my childhood.


Thank You for giving me exactly what I need when I need it.  Thank You that when I stop struggling to have my own way and just let You move, You open and close doors as You wish.  Thank You that You showed me the foundation of one of my high places so that I can now keep working to tear it down.  I know that it isn’t always an “overnight” thing, but I also know that through You, now that it is identified, it can and will be torn down.  I love You Jesus with all my heart.  

Rebekah M. 

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