Prayer Request

I feel bad that I don’t have anything profound to post today. But I don’t. So for today I’m requesting prayer for a Christian friend of mine. He has been saying a lot of really harsh and condemning things to other Christians and non-Christians alike, and twisting the words of the Bible around to use it against others. Every time I would read something he wrote or talk to him, I got the distinct impression that the enemy was using him, and that these sentiments of his were directly from Satan. Not necessarily one to trust every gut feeling, I told my prayer partner about the situation (I left out the part about my gut feeling). Her first response was “it sounds like an attack of the enemy”. With that corroboration, I went to message him, only to find that I’d been blocked. For no apparent reason. So I spent some time praying about it, even to the point where my prayer partner was going to message him on my behalf. Yesterday the need to speak with him was great, and urgent. I checked, and sure enough, I can send a message.

The trouble is, when we Christians think we ‘know’ God, we often decide we have all the answers and close ourselves off from further growth. That’s when the enemy steps in. He loves a divided church, and he loves Christians fighting with each other, because if they’re fighting about trivial things, they are distracted from 2 big things: 1) truly serving God; and 2) defeating him. But we so often fail to see this trap.

So I ask you for prayer, that this man (named Ricky), would have a softening in his heart, that I be merely a vessel by which he receives God’s message. Pray that instead of fuel for hate and fighting, that the Bible become his mirror, that he would be able to see both the good and the bad in his heart and seek God out to do a work in him.

Thanks, and I’m sure I’ll keep you posted as to what happens! And of course, if any of you need prayer support in anything, let me know here or write to me at

God bless!

~Rebekah A


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