In Our Prayers

Every time I sign onto Facebook, I see a prayer request for something. This person has a sick child, this one has a sick parent, this one has a friend’s niece who was in a major motorcycle accident, and this other one is having residual joint pain after a car crash. Not to mention the ones who are asking for prayer for school tests and other more mundane activities required that day.

We’re inundated. And at a time when political unrest escalates worldwide, at least towards Americans, not to mention the election in November, we will probably see a lot more prayer requests headed our way.

My question to you readers is this: how many of you say “sure I’ll pray!” or “I’ll keep you in my prayers”…..and then actually spend serious prayer time on each person you promised to pray for? How many of you make the promise to pray and then  forget to keep it? Or just gloss over the prayer?

There is a difference between ‘in our thoughts’ and ‘in our prayers’. The difference is that in prayer we call on God. Our prayers stir Him to action. Our prayers can bring on miracles. And the people asking for prayers are often hoping for just such a miracle. How many more miracles and healings would occur if EVERYONE who said “you’re in my prayers” actually prayed?

So this is a caution and a reminder for all of you, that when you make the promise to pray for something or someone, make sure you do it. And don’t skimp on it. The time may come when you have a prayer request, and you certainly want it to get proper attention, don’t you? So give the same time and attention to others’ requests.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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