Song of the Day: Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp

During my first relationship my boyfriend never called me beautiful.  Never once while we were officially dating did he ever once say those words to me. Not when he was saying he had picked out the ring. Not when he was kissing me. Not when we held hands.  After he called for a break, after the pressure was off and I pointed it out, then… then he called me beautiful- when he was getting ready to walk away from me forever.

This God we serve though- He tells us we are beautiful every day.  As I drove to work today He told me He loved me with the trees. He told me He loved me with the cleansing rain. He spoke words of love to me through this song.  He whispered to my heart that He found me exquisite with the road unfolding before me.  Lord- help us hear Your daily song to us of how You find us beautiful. I love You Jesus with all my heart.

Rebekah M.

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