Another Testimony

Tonight, I went to a concert. Bruce Springsteen, in case you were wondering. And I was wondering how the heck I was going to figure out a blog post when I didn’t have much time to spend with God today, and really hadn’t listened to Him much for guidance on what to write.

Well, on our way to find our seats, my roommate got sick. He had some kind of stomach issue. After making the obligatory dash to the restroom, which turned into a dash for the nearest trash can, we got him settled into our spot. Considering he was most comfortable in his wheelchair regardless of the location, and considering we were the sole mode of transportation for a group of 5 people, and considering the price of the tickets, there was no way he was leaving early. So we sat, and luckily, his stomach was feeling better after the initial bout of nausea. What remained was some dizziness.

He just looked off. He was still pale, he could barely keep his eyes open, and he was woozy. You know, things that happen when you’re sick. It came on suddenly but it didn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.

With no other way to truly help him, I put a hand on his shoulder and prayed for a healing. True, it wasn’t a dire illness…but if you’ve ever tried to maneuver a wheelchair through thousands of people to quickly find a bathroom when you need it – quickly being the operative word and also hardest part of the situation – you would understand why I sent up a prayer. And besides, if I’m supposed to depend on God for everything, you can bet I’ll depend on Him for conveniences too!

So I prayed, and I texted my prayer partner to pray too. Within 2 minutes of my final ‘Amen’, his color was back. He was alert. And his dizziness was fading quickly. I told him I’d prayed over it, and he thanked me. When I said “don’t thank me…”, he shot a glance towards the sky and thanked God on the spot. Yay! Glory to the Great Physician!

Big or small, Jesus DOES provide – and He heals!! Really, He’s the only one who truly can. And with that reminder of His attention and love, I suddenly had a testimony. You know what testimonies mean? Blog topics. Jesus solved my roommate’s health issue and my writer’s block all in one shot!!

So don’t be afraid to seek Him out, no matter how big or small the issue may seem. He loves you, and He won’t scoff at you. And rejoice at how He moves!

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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