Song Of The Day – I Feel His Love by Laura Hackett

Lately I’ve found it to be simultaneously comforting, amazing, and flat-out beautiful that Christ loves us as much as He does, in spite of who we are and what we do. No matter what we’ve been through or done. No matter what we’ve seen. No matter how much suffering is around us or inside of us, Jesus is stronger than any pain or problem, and He wants to love us through the fire. This song today serves as a reminder of that, and a reminder to give yourself a few moments’ break – lay the hardship at His feet and just feel His peaceful presence around you.

Jesus, I thank You that You are good, and that the depth of Your love is as strong as it is. I thank You for the hope You hold in Your love for me, and for being constantly there. I thank You for the mercy that is in Your presence, I thank You that Your presence surrounds me, and most of all I thank You for doing the work in my heart that allows me to notice.

God bless!

~Rebekah A


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