Song of the Day: Break Every Chain by Will Reagan and United Pursuit

I was recently talking to my mom (more like she was talking to me lol) about how Jesus is so often taken out of things. I’m passionate about baptism in Jesus name because Acts 4:12 tells us that there is no other name under heaven, given among men whereby we must be saved.  The power is in His name. The name of Jesus washes away sins. The name of Jesus saves us from death in the split second moments of our lives- potential car accidents, those who would attack us, and more.  One of my friends- the one that I noted before as being the kind of guy I would like to date- told me about how he was one walking at the mall area and he went to cross and this one car was speeding and would have hit him and somehow, even though he had been on the road, and keeping eye contact with the driver the whole time, he was on the sidewalk. What a mighty God we serve!

The name of Jesus breaks chains. It changes lives. Not because it is simply a name- but it is the name of the One who gave His life for us. He chose it for a reason. He has become our salvation. Not only from sin, but from every problem in our life. Financial chains, poor health chains, memory issue chains, relationship chains- Jesus can break them all away from us when we just let Him.

Thank You Jesus. Thank You beautiful, wonderful Jesus. Thank You that Your name is all that we need.

I Love You Jesus with all my heart.

Rebekah M.


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