Song of the Day: Anthem by Planetshakers

Tonight I went to a friend’s church that was celebrating their 35th anniversary and there were just so much of a mix of things.  This song was sang at alter call and I think it sums up the underlying current in my heart.  Was there a guy there that I used to talk to- yes.  Were there people who used to treat me like dirt there from the district- yes.  Were there people who I had once feared- yes.  Tonight when I was sitting in the back and telling God “I’m not sure I can say hello,” He told me that they are not the enemy.  They were blinded. They allowed the enemy to use them to tear me down, but even as I type I can feel Him say He did not let them harm me past what I could bear. I also buckled. I almost left God and church for good… I didn’t want to leave God but without a group of friends and consistent preaching to encourage me, I would most likely have fallen away.

So Hallelujah! He has won the victory.  He has won it all for me.  No one can harm me.  No boys can get between He and I.  No one can come between His promises and me.  So Hallelujah! Death could not hold Him down, so nothing can hold Him back from coming to my aid when I just ask.  This God we serve is so wonderful.  I love Him so much.  He’s seated in majesty.  I adore You Jesus.

Rebekah M.

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