Being a Seeker

No, I’m not talking about a Harry Potter seeker.

I have this tendency lately to meditate on God more than I pray… wait for the revelation rather than praying to move mountains. This definitely makes for some inspired blog posts, but I hesitate when it comes to stepping out and acting on my own. When God tells me to move, I call up a friend and ask them to move with me.

But God’s been calling me. He has been calling my friends too, but in a different way. We all have a task and a calling, and for mine, He’s been calling me. And He’s been telling me that I’m not on my own….I’m a vessel of Him. It’s His plan, and His work. Even if I was boldly stepping out, it wouldn’t make me any more effective at God’s work. Because in spite of my best efforts, the work is in fact God’s. He alone can control the success and result of it.

So there goes that excuse out the window. If I am timid, I am doubting my God who called me to His work. Do I doubt my wonderful, able Jesus Christ so much? Apparently yes I do, because I am so hesitant to put myself out there for human judgement. Just today, I felt God telling me that maybe the fact that this blog has been read in over 85 countries is significant. I’ve felt like it had to be more than coincidence ever since the most recent political unrest in Egypt started happening, and that same week we had an Egyptian reader. We pray for God to guide this blog – we purposely keep it anonymous so that it has to be God sending us readers. And I felt like having a reader in a politically and spiritually volatile area was significant. Today I felt like I should be reading up on more of these nations where our blog has been seen, and keeping their citizens and various situations in prayer. So, did I start to pray? Nope. Instead I texted my friend to see what she thought about it.

I’ve posted before about seeking God first. It doesn’t just mean to seek Him so that He can provide you with things here on earth. Yes, that has a major role in God-seeking. I don’t suggest going it alone without Him. But seeking God first also means seeking His voice above and beyond any other human being on this earth. Think of your most trusted friend, your confidante, the one you go with anything. That person should not be heard louder than God’s voice, and their influence should not be greater. Seek God first. In everything.

I didn’t realize until today how encompassing ‘everything’ is. I know what the word means, but it didn’t sink in how far I have to go in this area until I caught myself making that mistake today. Dear Jesus: sorry. Thanks for putting this flaw, and also Yourself, at the center of my attention so I can work on it.

And today I invite you all to work on it. Look at the areas where you tend to seek people before you seek out God in prayer. Think of all the times in a day that you start to call someone, text someone, email someone, facebook someone…..think of the reasons why. If it’s just to catch up, that’s one thing. But if it’s to ‘think out loud’ or to ponder something or get advice, or even to vent about something…..put the phone down. Don’t send that text. Save the email as a draft. Close facebook. And simply pray. Pray and seek your Father, and the solution will come. Peace of mind will come. Help and hope will come. Then feel free to carry on with business as usual. 🙂

God bless!

~Rebekah A


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