Song of the Day: Favor of the Lord

I’m leaving for a flight to see my brother and sister in law soon and I just can’t get over everything God is doing. It truly is my time of favor. Yesterday I received two invitations to interview at residency programs, I found a check in the mail from back in May that was a substantial amount of money (a refund for medical expenses), and today I prayed that Jesus would have no lines at one of the town offices and there was NO line when I walked in.  What a mighty, wonderful God we serve!!! 🙂

Readers, I pray that you may come into your favor of the Lord. Just remember that you reap what you sow, thus sow good things and it will return but in God’s kingdom it is always many more fold than you ever could sow 🙂 God’s economics are the best!!! 🙂

Thank You Jesus!!! 🙂  I adore You!! 🙂 ~Rebekah M. 

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