Ready For…..?

We humans are in a perpetual state of preparation. We wake up in the morning and we start to prepare ourselves for the day: we get dressed, do our hair and makeup (unless you’re me, in which case makeup is reserved for special occasions and hair is thrown up into a ponytail on the way downstairs, but I digress), eat breakfast, brush our teeth. If we have families, we prepare them for the day also. We run errands in preparation for household tasks. We cook in preparation to eat. We budget and have savings accounts in preparation for retirement/emergencies/new things. Whether it be for a long-term or short-term goal, we are constantly getting ready for things here on earth. The problem is, our lives consist of more than just things that happen on earth. There is a spiritual realm too, and our lives are very much a part of it. But what do we do to prepare ourselves spiritually?

When we think ‘spiritual’, we tend to think long-term. We think of going to heaven, or of a vague image of Jesus watching over us. We might also think of praying and having God answer our prayers. And yes, that encompasses a lot – praying for ourselves and for others is a huge part of our spiritual lives. However, when it comes down to it, so many of our physical acts have some bearing on the spiritual realm. And when you think of how much preparation those physical acts take, it starts to become clear how much our spiritual preparation is lacking.

I’ve posted before about how every second of the day, we are serving something. Is every second of the day serving God? And if not, who or what are you serving instead? These minute-by-minute choices absolutely ricochet into the spiritual realm. We are spiritual beings eternally, while our flesh only lasts a short time. Our body is merely an extension of our spiritual selves. And our every physical thought and interaction has some significance in the spirit. Are we truly prepared for that? How much time do we spend listening to God in the morning for some direction on our day? For some guidance on a situation that’s either here already or is coming our way? How much time do we spend in His word, using it as a mirror so that we may live rightly and store up treasures in heaven? Do we spend time fasting so that even our physical selves and physical world can draw closer to Him?

We need to start preparing for our days spiritually as well as physically. If that means waking up a little early to spend time with Jesus before you start your day, or foregoing the music on the way to work so you can pray, do it. Find a way to spend that time with the Lord, much the way you spend time on yourself. Spend time with Him and get yourself ready to be a true vessel of Christ, a true member of the body, in everything that you do.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

6 thoughts on “Ready For…..?

    • haa haa I definitely have this issue as well! I remember waking up at 4:30AM to crawl into my prayer closet (I had an actual walk in closet I used to pray in lol) and many times waking up at 5:30AM on the floor… having missed my hour of prayer!!! It’s incredibly hard to do some days!! I think the key is continuing to try and to make sure we still get in prayer time (actual vs “passed out on the floor of my prayer closet” haa haa) some time later in the day 🙂

    • hahaha Stephen that cracks me up. I can relate. For awhile I had such a hard time getting up early that I stopped trying and instead dedicated my hour-long morning commute to prayer. And as for Rebekah M….I’m not sure I even know what 4:30am is, let alone being conscious enough for it to find my prayer closet.

  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking post. This line: “Our every physical thought and interaction has some significance in the spirit” is one I’m really pondering now. It’s so important to stock of our waywardness in the spiritual area.

    • Amen Ali! Thanks for the comment. It just kept striking me how people are ready to be called on in school or at work because their homework or prepped properly. But if we’re, say, walking down the street and pass somebody and God says “pray for them” or even “talk to them”, we aren’t ready to be called on. My friend was in line at the bank yesterday and the lady in front of her (total stranger) randomly turned around and started telling her all of her problems, and as they chatted the lady declared in the middle of the bank “I need God!” …so they exchanged numbers to talk about Him and see if she wants to come to church. That friend’s mother was at a bagel shop this morning and prayed for THREE different people. If neither of them had been spiritually prepared for those divine appointments, they would’ve missed them. Makes me wonder how many appointments I’ve missed lately…

  2. Thanks for writing. It’s crazy how I got here- I was thinking about spending time with Jesus, but mindlessly clicking the stumbleupon button which brought me here and then I get your exhortation. It was especially convicting to try to ask who I’m really serving. Exactly what I needed- because it brought me to the Word. Keep up the good work!

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