Song of the Day: Favor of the Lord

Today I went for an interview and while there, I asked God to give me favor with the people if He wanted me there and to not grant me favor if I shouldn’t.  After I left, I received an email saying it was wonderful meeting me and they would be happy to help me in my job search in any way possible! What wonderful people!!!! Then tonight I went to church and hung out afterwards and it was SO wonderful.  This feels like I’m truly in a time of favor.  God grants us moments of sowing and reaping and right now I feel like He’s doing both.  Things I sowed in the past are being harvested while things for the future are being sown.  What a wonderful, mighty God we serve!

Readers, remember that you will reap if you faint not.   Remember that what you sow is what you reap- you’re not going to get apples if you plant oranges- so make sure it’s good things that you sow!!! Know that even if you plant bad things, God can help you dig them up if you just ask Him to help!!!!! Know that in His timing, favor will come!!!!! Enjoy this song with me and maybe even do a little dance around the house knowing that He’s got everything in His hands and when your season is come (and maybe it is here now!) God’s favor is SO wonderful!!!! You have promise!!! 🙂

I love You Jesus with all my heart, 

Rebekah M. 

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