Fighting Children

The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. ~Exodus 14:14

Tonight I watched kids at a home church.  It was quite the experience.  Towards the end, one of the children (who I will now refer to as “Bobby”) threw a ball very hard at another child (“Joey”), so much so the second child started crying.  I told Bobby to apologize but he refused, saying he was not sorry. Joey became VERY angry and walked right up to him… I quickly made him back away and told him not to fight him- that God told us to turn the other cheek and to let Him fight our battles.  I then put Bobby in the corner but he refused to stay there.  I then had to hold him there as gently as I could while still keeping control on him staying in the corner despite him punching, pinching, and kicking the whole time. In the end, Bobby did eventually apologize to Joey after being in the corner for over five minutes.

For me, this four year old child was not too much of a challenge- just picking him up under his arms was enough to set him back in the corner and when he’d kick the walls to push me, I could easily lean my body back and keep him in the corner.  I was very much in control of how much he was able to do and yet did not hurt him one bit.  If these two children had duked it out like Joey had wanted, Joey might have gotten hurt even though he was not the one at fault.  As I described this event to my parents on the way home tonight, it struck me just how much it could be applied to our lives as adults!

God’s Word says to let the Lord fight our battles- we just need to hold our peace! Just imagine, our enemies are to Him like that little four year old was to me- easy to deal with despite the kicking and large amounts of protesting from him.  When we try to fight our enemies ourselves, we have so much potential for getting hurt when it is just child’s play for God!  So dear readers, sit back and let God fight your battles for you  and know that not only is He doing it all, He’s keeping you safe by asking you not to involve yourself in retribution for what has been done to you!!!!


Thank You for protecting me as You fight my battles! Thank You for being such a wonderful, loving Father.  I love You Jesus with all my heart 🙂 

Rebekah M. 

4 thoughts on “Fighting Children

  1. Ahh, poor Rebekah M. had a rough night with the youngins. lol. But I love those little munchkins. Sounds like I need to prepare a “Love is Kind” lesson for them 🙂

    • haa… let’s just say Rebekah M. subbing last minute (since the pastor knew but didn’t realize I would be in town until I showed up so I was asked WHEN I GOT THERE) may not always be the best idea for keeping Rebekah M. free from being punched… LOL

    • true… I was just talking about how I asked God to stop making certain aspects of my life an object lesson… and how apparently He granted my request by turning this part of my life into an object lesson… LOL!

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