Christ’s Consistency

Today I’m attending the wedding of someone I haven’t seen in a long time. This is coming right after a week of praying for comfort for a friend whose fiancé just broke up with her, and also praying for a friend whose ex boyfriend is marrying someone else.

With these relationship changes going on all around me, I realized something. When it comes to love, we humans really muck it up, don’t we? We’re constantly hurting each other, breaking each other’s hearts, and at weddings -supposedly the ultimate symbol of love between two people – we focus more on how the bride looked, how the food and cake were, how well decorated the venue was, and wasn’t that flower girl adorable? I’m sorry, what’s a wedding for again? People can spend upwards of $25,000 just to show off something (their love for each other) that doesn’t really get noticed after all. And once you have a spouse, article after article and book after book are written about how to keep them. No, when it comes to love, we are really not the best examples.

Luckily, we as Christians know someone who is. His love is pure, simple, and captivating in a way that even the glitziest wedding could never be. It requires no money and it’s totally unconditional. There’s no such thing as Him falling out of love with us. We have Him here and now, and we have Him for eternity. Nothing we can do, not even rejecting Him or committing the most heinous crime, can make Him renounce His love for us.

It’s love so deep that it’s even beyond our comprehension. And it never ever changes. No fellow human being could ever give us that.

So whether I’m praying for comfort for some friends, and for lifelong happiness for others, I’m rejoicing over the constant love of my one true Groom Jesus Christ. Take some time today to rejoice with me. Forget the eathly relationships you have to work at (no don’t completely forget them, just take a mental break for a minute), and just give yourself a moment to bask in the constant, unceasing, powerful, and peaceful love of our Savior.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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