Diverging Paths

So I just don’t know what I want… sometimes I feel like there are too many choices; too many factors that support too many divergent paths for my life.  I feel like there are over half a dozen paths before me and I don’t know which to take.  Each one does not feel like it would be a horrible choice… but which is the BEST path for me?

Lord Jesus, 

I know this is a short post but somehow… use this now for someone who is also just caught up in a place of decisions.  God, what to do when no one path feels more right than any other? Where do You want me? What pleases You the most? Jesus, I just want to be where You want me.  Lead me to where You want me to be the most.  Make Your desires for me the things that I desire.  Let my will disappear as Your Will takes its place.  I love You Jesus and I trust You with my life.  

Rebekah M. 

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