God’s Choice

We here at BeingRebekah have (clearly) not been posting as much lately and I (Rebekah M.) just wanted to give some updates on our lives 🙂

Rebekah A and L have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Although both were spared (thank You Jesus!), one was without power for days and the other had to deal with searching over two days to find gasoline.  It is so wonderful that everyone is accounted for and safe.  Thank You Jesus for Your tender mercies!!!

I had a busy day yesterday with an interview in the morning and service over an hour away at night.  It was amazing meeting new people though. After service, a bunch of us went out to eat and there came a time of discussion and they pointed out that Saul was a choice to fulfill the wrongful wishes of the people while David was to fulfill God’s wishes.

During service this morning, I felt God talk to me (completely unrelated to the sermon) a bit more about this in terms of my life.  My first ex, I felt God say that was a fulfillment of shallow wishes- he was SO handsome- 6’2, blonde, blue eyed, biceps as large as my thighs, when I first started talking to him and told my friends “you know, the guy that looks like a Ken Doll” they immediately knew who I was speaking about. But He said to me today “MY choice for the man for your life will not be as you expect, he will have a heart after Me.”  I got the sense I may not even recognize him as God’s choice for me initially. David was the LAST one brought to Samuel to anoint because no one would expect HIM of all people to be God’s choice for future king. So who knows, maybe he’s even already in my life right now and I just don’t recognize him yet?

It should be kept in mind that Saul had a purpose-  (I Sam 9)”that he may save My people from the hand of the Philistines.” Messed up as the situation was, Saul served his purpose just as Ex #1 served the purpose of growing me more in Him than ever before and expanding who I am as a person to be more tolerant of others, more calm in the midst of storm (for He was right by my side during the most painful time of my life), and to praise Him at all times.

All I do know is that I also get the sense that God was telling me not to worry. Just as He was already preparing David long before he was anointed king, He has been preparing a David for my life long before we start dating.  I actually think it started on my “victory day” back in December when I finished my 3 week fast for Ex#1 and worshipped for over an hour on the phone with my parents and then my prayer partner, praising God for my unseen victory (even without him in my life ever again for I felt God was creating a new path in my life that day).


Thank You for providing a David for my life.  Thank You that even if I may not recognize him, you know his heart and You know when the right time will be for us to finally start a new chapter together. Lord, just help me leave it all in Your capable hands and give no thought to the when and the how.  I love You Jesus and I praise You and thank You for the life You have provided for me! 

Rebekah M. 

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3 thoughts on “God’s Choice

  1. I, too, have been blessed with an ex-husband that was not who God intended for me to spend my life with. If it weren’t for the “wrong ones” we can’t get to the “right”. When I least expected it, God blessed me with a faithful, strong, beautiful (inside and out) man to walk our road of faith together. I pray for both you and me a prayer of Thanks, that through our pasts we get to a divine destiny, the destiny God has had prepared for us all the while.
    Thank you, Jesus, for Rebekah M.’s blessing of her “David” and for the greatness you brought to me in my own “David”. Keep us strong through the storms we face and find comfort in You, our Lord and Savior. Amen!
    Have a blessed day!

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