Tuning In

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; ~ Ephesians 6:18

While I was listening to my favorite sermon series on Esther, I felt God suddenly urge me that I had to pray for someone. I got the sense that it was a pastor’s wife and so I texted one that I had felt God had called me to be her armor bearer a few months ago and after I texted her I felt an urge to also text another pastor’s wife that I had been thinking about randomly for the last few days before that. For both, I asked if they needed prayer since I felt God ask me to pray for someone. Shortly thereafter the second pastor’s wife responded with the fact that she did in fact need prayer. I started praying for her right then and there. As my prayer drew to a close, I asked God if the other one was a fluke but then said “I wouldn’t put it above You Lord to have called me to pray for both.” Lo and behold, later that night the other pastor’s wife responded saying that she too needed prayer.

The next day, my prayer partner and I went to battle for them both. It was amazing and insane. It felt like when God called me to randomly intercede for Ex #1 during our “break”, not knowing why, and later finding out it was exactly at that time that he was having the first conversation with his father in over a year.  We both felt confirmation over things as we prayed and I cannot thank God enough for my prayer partner.  She is so spiritually sensitive even if she doesn’t always realize it.  I know we did battle and I know things were broken. It has been SO long since I felt such a connection with what GOD wanted prayed about vs. what I wanted to pray over.



Thank You for giving me the privilege to minister to the ministers.  Thank You for allowing me to be a vessel used by You to encourage those who need it.  Thank You for using me (and my prayer partner) to help these beloved pastor’s wives of Yours.  You love them so much that You would randomly call me to pray for them- wow! What a mighty God You are!!! I know that means that I may never know all the people called to pray for me. Even the readers, they may never know the prayers said on their behalf. Thank You Jesus for Your wonderful, marvelous ways. I love You Jesus with all my heart. 

Rebekah M. 

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11 thoughts on “Tuning In

    • God is SO good isn’t He!!! 🙂 It makes me think of the “rereward” verse in Isaiah 52:12 where He goes before us but always watches us from behind- how wonderful He is to cover us on both sides and can call on others along this journey to help take up the burden when we are caught up in the midst of storm!! wow!

  1. I was meeting with my husband and a friend about a future ministry potential. Several times my friend said that what we needed to do was pray. We agreed. As we finished our conversation, I said we need to pray. And they agreed, like, yeah we’ll get to that, and I said no, now. And so we did. So often we acknowledge the need to pray and then put it off…only to forget or get busy or…I find that if I say that a matter or a person needs prayer, the time to pray is right then.

    • Tina, I agree SO much with that! My brother was going through a situation with a sunday school teacher of his with an event that would happen the next day- he’s a children’s pastor- and I asked for us all to pray right then but they felt like they would later on. I said “if we say later it will never happen because something ALWAYS gets in the way.” As we were going home the next day we all remembered that we didn’t pray… it is SO important to take the opportunities to pray in the NOW when possible!!! There is a multiplying factor in joint prayer and we should always take advantage of it when we can!

  2. You know, everywhere I go, even in church, I hear people saying things like “well, we’ve tried everything and there’s nothing else I can do except pray”. To these people I just want to grab them and say “You’ve got it Backwards! Prayer is the FIRST thing you need to do!”

    Rebekah I just want to encourage you to keep on interceding and listening to God because He is obviously using you are a powerful way to reach others – to stand in the gap for them 🙂

    • Thank you! and I agree- even as an “almost doctor” I still think God should be the FIRST thing they go to… although I also do believe that God created us with the capacity to learn and understand science and create technology for a reason so I think medicine has a place in this world too 🙂 But keeping God first is always the right thing to do!!! 🙂

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