Satan on the Subway?

Last I wrote, I told you all about what happened on the Access-a-Ride bus. Well, a mere 2 days later I was by myself waiting for a subway. There was one other man waiting on the platform with me – a totally normal and innocuous-looking guy. Still, he caught my eye. For reasons I couldn’t pinpoint, his presence felt threatening.

As I watched him, I realized he was talking to himself. At times more animated than others, but it was unceasing. It also was in a different language. He appeared Indian (Sikh), but it wasn’t Hindi or Punjabi he was speaking (at least, it didn’t sound like it to me). It was something else, something more tribal, and it was more of a chant.

Suddenly I felt moved to pray for this man, but I had no idea why or what to say. So I let God guide my mouth. I was astounded when what came out was “Jesus…protect me.” Why? I have no idea.

The man had been slowly drifting towards but wasn’t close enough to hear that prayer (I’d said it VERY quietly). But after the words left my mouth, his head snapped up and he looked directly at me. He started to come toward me, then stopped mid-stride, fixed me with a stare, and went a few steps in the other direction. When it came time to go on the subway, he got on the same car as me, but stayed on the other end of it. He stared at me the whole time he was in the car, his expression getting more and more hostile.

I’m positive he didn’t hear me. But one thing that was strange was I felt real fear from being near him. I don’t know quite what it was that made him so threatening but I was near-panic scared. This is weird, because I have walked through some less-than-idyllic NYC neighborhoods – often alone. I put my faith in God, pray as I go, and let Him use me while He protects me. I figure, I’m here for Him, He sent me, so He will work it out, provide, and protect me. He won’t forsake me so I have nothing to fear. And people are people, all equally loved by God. So the fear was very random and felt out of place. I am wondering if maybe the enemy put the fear in me so that I’d be mentally panicking and wouldn’t have the presence of mind to turn to Jesus in prayer. I’m really starting to think that’s what happened and that there were spirits or demons in that man who meant me harm.

But I’d LOVE to hear more thoughts on it. Has stuff like this ever happened to you? Comment or message me privately at The whole was just very strange. Meanwhile, I’m just rejoicing that whatever was going on with that man, my Jesus was stronger and mighty to save and protect!

Thanks for the input, and God bless!

~Rebekah A

10 thoughts on “Satan on the Subway?

  1. After I read your blog in the middle of the night I immediately heard a banging on my house that I had never heard before. I woke my husband to see what it was and while he was looking I prayed that Jesus would protect us. He said it must have been the wind, but I know what I heard that shook the house was much different. After Jesus heard my prayer the noise and house-shaking stopped. Yes, I do believe Satan was testing you on the Subway, I felt it as soon as I read your post. (I’m very intuitive about Spirits) Know that you are safe because you are a true Child of God. Our faith provides the protection we need. I know that the fear that I felt when I read your post allowed for the occurrence with me that immediately followed, and that experience was nothing short of evil. I’m glad you sought prayer for protection. Keep praying – when Satan tries to take one of us he works harder when we resist. WE WILL NOT BE OVERCOME! WE ARE GOD’S CHILDREN! For all of us, I pray in Jesus’ name for protection and favor, Amen!

      • Thank you! What an intense experience. I always think of evil as being ‘out there’ and my home as being a safe haven. But really, our safe haven is God and the enemy will go to any lengths in any place to keep us from it. Praise God that he’s stronger!

    • Wow, thanks for sharing. It just confirms to me again how good God is and how much He loves and protects us unconditionally. And how much power there is in that. There is no safer place than in His arms, and in our faith we can overcome anything the enemy can throw at us! Praise Jesus!

  2. What you felt was Satanic. I’ve felt the same way around certain people; it’s spiritual discernment. The more you pray, the more you study the Word of God and apply it in your life, the more you walk in the Spirit and the more those things of the spirit and the spiritual realm will become clearer to you.

    Satan does not want you to draw closer to God because he’s afraid that the closer you get, the more powerful you’ll become. He especially doesn’t want people to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost because that makes us even more powerful! That means there’s one more person who can work against him! So, he works against us to prevent us from developing spiritual muscles so to speak.

    Before I leave for work each day I pray and ask God for His protection, to cover me with the Blood of Jesus. I pray the same prayer at night before I go to sleep. That God will keep me and my family covered with His precious Blood. God keeps us safe from dangers seen and unseen and He wants us to seek safety in Him. He wants us to utilize his Word and the power He gives us. You did right to seek God’s protection. Continue to walk in faith and victory and seek God – develop those spiritual muscles! ๐Ÿ™‚

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