Time To Grow

Lately, a lot of my old insecurities are coming to light. Things I’m self-conscious about, things I thought I’d gotten past. My prayer partner (thank God for her) and I prayed through it today. It’s been God telling me to press in to Him, and let Him further mold my identity. It’s nothing short of a call to let myself be defined by God and not by the world.

And not only is He calling me to growth, but He’s showing how to have mercy on my own mistakes and imperfections. Yes we’re always growing, but God loves us unconditionally. I’m called to love everyone unconditionally too – that includes myself! So often we forget to extend that love to ourselves. God gave me a gentle but powerful reminder today (as only He can do).

He’s even helping me out with it – as I become more aware of my worldly insecurities and my need to shed them, God has started blessing me with much stronger spiritual discernment and wisdom over situations. In prayer, I have words for people I’ve never met. Out in public, I have discernment when something ‘isn’t quite right’ in the spirit. He is honing His gifts in me as a little taste of what could be there if I fully gave myself over to Him and let Him replace the worldly stuff with more of Himself.

Jesus, help me to press into You, to give myself more fully. I constantly pray to be given Your heart for others. Today I pray for your heart for me. Help to grow into the person You want me to be, and to shed these extra worldly things I have in me. Help me to see, even in the moment where my emotions want to take over, that these things are flesh, and ultimately irrelevant. Thank You for being faithful to me; help me to be faithful to You and to keep You always at the center of my heart where You belong.

I invite you to press into God’s love with me. Give yourself to Him fully – emotionally, physically, spiritually – and let Him guide you and love you through. And don’t forget to love yourself through too! Even if there’s nothing you have to change per se, just give yourself over and rejoice in Him. God bless!

~Rebekah A


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