Calling All Prayer Warriors

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” ~Matthew 17:20-21

“Jesus I come before you in my brokenness and my shame.”

“This guy told me to purge myself.”

“Can God help me get out of prostitution?”

“Why am I soo insecure, Jesus heal me.”

“Purging gives me a high.”

When we first started to blog, we kept the whole thing anonymous. We didn’t tell many of our friends, we didn’t advertise, and we even kept our real names out of it. We completely gave it to God to grow. And He has been faithful. We’ve had over 18,000 readers, and are up to almost 100 followers. We are incredibly blessed that so many of our readers are such strong and faithful Christians…and it’s you who I’m calling on today.

The other thing about our blog is that we can see, to a point, who is reading us. I personally get a kick out of looking at all the different countries where Being Rebekah was read – and we’ve been read in over 100 of them! We can also see search engine terms. Phrases that people google that for some ordained and beautiful reason lead them to us. I haven’t always paid attention to them, but I was talking to Rebekah L about it recently and it seemed worthwhile to really read some of them.  Some warmed my heart, and others broke it. The ones I quoted above are the ones that moved me the most, the ones who stood out to me as needing prayer. And I ask you to join me.

We cover our blog in prayer typically. We pray over what we write, often we zone out and let God write, and we pray over the readers and for God to send anybody our way who might see His words through us. Be it a kindred spirit in Christ, or someone who needs to meet Jesus for the first time, we pray for them.

And today I pray for the people who searched those terms. I pray that whoever said “Jesus I come before you in my brokenness and my shame” finds strength and healing in their submission. I pray that he or she draws even closer to the Lord in this time, and they are made anew by His unending mercy and grace.

I pray for whoever searched “This guy told me to purge myself”, “purging gives me a high”, and “why am I soo insecure, Jesus heal me” found answers, and that the answers have told them they are beautiful. I pray they know their self-worth comes from somewhere so much higher than that, and that they know they have been perfectly, wonderfully made. If they doesn’t know that already, I pray they find out and find the peace and love of God in that realization.

To the one who sat at their computer asking “Can God help me get out of prostitution?”, I hope you found that the answer is yes. Yes, He can save you, free you, and heal you from all past hurt and shame. Your worth is not tied into your activities or circumstances. You have an inherent, priceless value. And God, the one you asked to help you, is completely in love with who you are. There is a love beyond what you can get and give with your body, and He is there waiting to give it to you. He loves you now. You just need to let Him.

My heart goes out to them all, and to everyone who finds us under such circumstances. I ask you to join me in prayer for them and praise that they were led to a Christian blog. And for you bloggers, I’m sure you see similar things. Let me know who has crossed your path or come to your blog and I can join you in prayer too. I know we don’t personally know each other, we aren’t personal friends. But we are brothers and sisters under Christ, and there are no coincidences. God sends us our readers for a reason. And our biggest power comes when we join together in prayer and praise. So join me in prayer. Join me in praise. And let me know how I can be praying along with you too!

And if you are finding yourself in a tough situation right now, facing a storm of any kind, please let me know so I can pray for you specifically. Comment here or write to me at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for banding together with me, and God bless!

~Rebekah A




7 thoughts on “Calling All Prayer Warriors

  1. Praying right along with you that anyone who needs to have God lift them up, to get on their path that He intended for them, finds their way. Whatever the situation, God has the answer. That’s a promise. Thank you, Rebekah A! And thank you, God for always answering our prayers! Have a blessed day!

  2. Hello Rebekah,beautiful post ,It is a blessing to see how God uses us in our blogging,keep up the good work and thanks for your visit.
    Love you 😀

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  5. Your blog is an amazing example of what God can do when we put Him first. May God bless you and use you to reach many for Him.
    Thank you too for visiting ‘spiritual signposts’.

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