Some days I feel so connected to God; other days I feel like I forgot Him most of the day.

Sometimes I feel He is all around me; other times I have to forget feelings and just hold on to He “will never leave [me] nor forsake [me].”

Sometimes I am running towards Him with everything within me; other day I am happy to be just standing.

I think as humans it’s in our nature to feel volatile, but I think what Christ asks of us is to not act on feelings, but to act on faith.

When the storms of life hit us, do we freak out and run the other way or do we dig in?

When our castles that we worked so hard to build seem to be hit with wave after wave, is it built on His rock, or our own sandy dreams?

I think the biggest difference between the rock and the sand is whether the pressures of the world make it solid or break it asunder.

Join me in allowing ourselves to be human, for He does, and just realizing that through it all- we just have to keep holding on to His hand. Keep walking forward.  Keep going, even when it feels like a crawl or even a standstill.  Just keep holding on to His promises my dear readers.  




Rebekah M.    

6 thoughts on “Human

  1. You are right here. I always hate myself when I leave God and go my own way because what I’d do wouldn’t be pleasing to Him. It’s not really that God leaves us, we create the distance. Sucks.

    • The best part is, even though we create the distance, God is the one who bridged the gap long ago…. it’s not the falling that makes someone fail, it truly is (as the saying goes) the not getting back up that does… so just get back up and try again. 🙂 God bless!!

  2. haa haa, trust me, I can be incredibly stubborn to… and not always in a good way! lol! but the key is to keep trying, keep going… sometimes the easiest time in walking with Him has directly followed the worst battles of my life… persistence… persistence in keeping with Christ- that’s what matters 🙂

  3. “Hallelujah”! Amen!! Just Stand,no matter what,just stand! Most days that’s the best we can do,and thank God for understanding. Powerful post!!
    Love you 😀

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