Siding with the Lord

In response to all of the recent fighting going on between Israel and Palestine (which thankfully is at a truce again, if a fragile one), I’ve heard many things. I’ve heard that Israel is in the right. I’ve heard that Israel are being bullies. I’ve heard a lot in between.

My personal opinion, Israel is not in the right. Neither is Palestine. No country’s military can be truly in the right. Militaries, countries – everything in this world basically – all are run by humans. Now, we humans are many things, but ‘perfect’ is not one of them. Completely right regardless of the other side of the story? I don’t think we’re that either. We’re all inherently broken and imperfect, and God alone can guide us through it.

Besides, God loves both sides equally.

So yes, the fighting is tragic. I pray for those affected. But when it comes down to it, I don’t pray for one to win over the other. I pray for the will of God to be done. I don’t pray for one military to stand victorious. I pray for both militaries to be on their knees before Christ the true King.

I read something today, which I think sums it up perfectly. Mike Bickle, of International House of Prayer, spoke about the middle east, what is going on there, and how it should guide our prayer over that region. You can read it here, but I’ve copied and pasted it too:

“God’s Word insists that the church stand with Jesus in this battle [referring to a spiritual battle over the region in which Jerusalem is central] .  That doesn’t mean we agree with everything Israel does, at all.  Israel is a wicked nation.  Israel hates God as a nation right now.  And so we don’t look at Israel and go “wow, aren’t they awesome”, no, Israel is going to go through the most severe chastisement because Israel’s problem is that God loves Israel and Israel hates God.  That’s a problem.  Israel’s problem is not mostly the devil and the anti-Christ, it’s the zeal of God – he won’t let her go, and she doesn’t want him.  That is the bigger problem in front of Israel.  Now obviously there are people in the nation that love God, but the vast majority have no concern for God.  But God has great concern for them.  And that, to me, is the biggest problem.

So we don’t look at Israel and say “wow, they’re Israel, they get a free pass”.  No, just the opposite.  Because they are the very object -that city and that nation, that geographic area, and those people – are the object of God’s affection he won’t take no for an answer from them.  That is huge trouble for them if they persist in saying no.

And so when we look at Israel we don’t have this kind of pro-Israel, whatever-they-do-must-be-right… I don’t pray for the Israeli military to win.  I pray for the Israeli military to repent and to honor Jesus.  The Israeli military, the Egyptian military, the US military, the Syrian military, plus 232 nations – put the world “military” – they’re all sinful organizations.  I’m not praying that a sinful organization beats another sinful organization.  Even though all of them undoubtedly have some good goals and objectives they’re led by wicked sinful men for the most part – all of them.  And there’s no merit in a sinful nation beating a sinful nation.  We have one grand objective, that every nation bows down and honors Jesus.  That’s what we pray for.  As a matter of fact, the Israeli military and some of their victories will become one of the hindrances, and the bolstering of their pride that causes them to actively resist Jesus.  But that pride will be broken. My prayer is
not that they’ll flex their muscles and be strong, my prayer is that the Israeli government and military will bow down before Jesus.  That’s my prayer for the American government and military as well.

So whose side are we on?  We’re on the Lord’s side.

God bless!

~Rebekah A

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