A Storm’s A Brewin’

Tonight as I had another moment of deep worship with God, I got a strong sense that a “storm was brewing.”  I quickly called up my prayer partner.  The way I explained it to her was:

“You know how when someone hurts their knee really badly and after that can always feel when a storm is coming?”
She replied “yeah… is this like a spiritual knee ache?”

As we prayed together I started with praise (I believe all prayers should) and as I was praising and thanking Him for taking me through my trials last year, my prayer partner stopped me.  She felt God saying that I shouldn’t pray to stop the storm, because He used the last one to change me for the better.  I wasn’t to pray against the storm that was coming.

I starting crying right then, for it was confirmation that what I felt was true- a storm truly was brewing.  Part of me was scared because I knew that there was no way it would be the same level as the last storm- it would be harder.  For how else would I grow from it? But I felt yet once again that it was so that when my future husband finally meets me, he will recognize me as his future wife for God will have molded me to be who he needs.


I submit myself to Your ways now. I submit myself to this coming storm.  I know today should be a day of thanks and I do thank You for all You’ve done.  However, more than just thanks, I right now submit myself and my life in Your hands.  I love You Jesus.

Rebekah M.

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